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Reelsound has 25 years experience in all forms of mobile recording from TV, conference and voice over work but specialising in music recording. We have made hundreds of location recordings of live concerts and CD recordings of just about everything from  large orchestras and chamber groups down to small school choirs and solo singers and instrumentalists.  Recording choirs and brass bands is a specialist field and the mobile is constantly updated with latest in digital recording technology and over the years we have amassed one of the best collections of microphones and preamps including the famous Soundfield mic. However it’s our years of experience that guarantees you will get a great result and with all mobile recording the choice of venue is crucial. We still hear lots of CDs where the end result is spoiled by the choice of a poor venue but after 25 years mobile recording we know what makes a good sounding venue and will advise you on the choice of location and give you a list of great tips to get the best result from your recording session. Mobile recording has a different set of rules to studio recording but get them right and you can make some of the best sounding recordings you will ever make. We have a great art department that can help with the design of your Cd artwork and lay it out professionally for the printers. Click the links here for more detailed information on mobile recording and choir recording.

We have jut finished recording an exciting new album for ten million aliens.


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We always try to work to your budget and we can provide a complete service from the recording and editing to artwork design and layout and CD duplication or you can simply hire the mobile on a daily rate and handle the duplication yourself.

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