Recording a School Choir

Recording a school choir is really no different from recording any choir and I bring exactly the same microphones and recording gear to a small infant school recording a Christmas carol CD as I do to recording a large professional choir. The techniques for recording are pretty much the same with a nice sounding hall and a tuned piano or CD backing track but the rules of engagement tend to be slightly different. With a school carol CD with 8 year groups all doing one or two pieces the key to the days success is in organizing the kids with something akin to military precision. Getting kids moving around the school in groups can be a bit like herding cats but with a bit of planning and a realistic timetable then there is no reason that we shouldn’t get a great sounding recording from everyone. Of course there will be little edits to do as the school bell rings or the dinner ladies start preparing but we have done hundreds of these over the years and it’s not only a good fundraiser for the school but  a great experience for the children and staff alike

What People Say

John bought the mobile in to record our school carol concert and what a great time all the children had. We all thought that the finished CD sounded fantastic and we sold over 200 CDs. Brilliant!

School Choirs