Brass Band recording

Brass Band recording:

Brass Band recording is really one of the most difficult jobs for a recording engineer but over the last 25 years I have developed a technique that makes our Brass Band Recording CDs stand out from the rest. We use some of the finest microphones available including the famous Soundfield microphone system alongside pairs of custom made microphones to  capture the full dynamic range of the band. By carefully balancing the brass with the tuned percussion we get a great stereo balance across the band
But however good you are, my recording skills will count for nothing unless you have a good venue for the recording and over the years I have got to know exactly what you need for a great recording location and its so simple today to take some photos on a phone and email them to me.
But Brass Band recording isn’t just about putting the microphones in the right place. The recording session is where the work is done and on the day I  work with the MD to get the best performance out of the band and make sure that we cover any mistakes so that we can get back to the studio and edit together a “perfect” take of every piece. Digital recording technology is great but you need to make sure that you get everything on the day!
Brass band recording isn’t my hobby; it is my profession and over the past 25 years I have recorded hundreds of brass bands  from Championship and First section down to small village bands. If you want a brass band recording then please give me a call. We offer a complete recording package including all  artwork and a run of 500 or 1000 CDs or if you want a smaller run you can simply hire the Reelsound mobile by the day and handle the duplication yourself.

What People Say

I have recorded three Cds now with John and the Reelsound mobile and I wouldnt use anyone else. The sound he gets is really impressive and the attention to detail means that we can really cover everything at the recording session so that editing back in the studio gives us a perfect take every time. Our local branch of Richer Sounds uses our CD as a reference for its speakers which says a lot about the sheer quality of the sound

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  • We try really hard to make our services affordable and can offer everything from a complete package deal with all recording and editing, artwork design and a run of 500 Cds for as little as £1500 or you can simply hire the Reelsound mobile on a daily rate and handle all the duplication yourself. Whatever you need if you are thinking of making a recording then please contact us.