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Choir Recording

Making a great choir recording is a specialist job and a number of elements need to be right to get a good result. Obviously you need to be well rehearsed but even more importantly you need a good sounding venue. I hear a lot of choral CDs that are spoiled by a bad choice of venue but with 25 years experience recording choirs I can help you select the right venue. For me the recording session should be a totally transparent process and my aim is to make it as relaxed as possible. After an hour or so you should forget all about the microphones and just enjoy the singing. I pride myself on having the best microphones and recording gear available including the famous Soundfield microphone system but there’s a lot more to making a great choir recording than putting the mics in the right place and the thing that makes our recordings sound so good is the years of experience recording hundreds of choirs large and small. My main job is to encourage everyone and work with the MD to get the best out of the choir on the day because it’s just as important important to me that you have a great sounding CD at the end of it all with no silly, obvious mistakes. So whether it’s the English Baroque choir or an infant school carol concert I approach each choir recording session in the same way with the same high end recording equipment and enthusiasm. If you are thinking of making a choir recording and you want to make sure that your CDs sound and look great then contact us. We offer a full package deal including CD duplication and artwork or you can simply hire the Reelsound mobile by the day and handle the duplication yourself.

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The CDs arrived this morning and I cant thank you enough! They look and sound fantastic and I can't believe they have arrived so quickly. We have our big concert in two weeks time and I'm sure we will sell a lot. Thanks again for all your efforts and we will see you again soon..

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