Recording-orchestralMobile Recording

Mobile recording has a different set of rules to studio recording because with mobile recording the recording space plays a huge part in the final sound and each venue has different characteristics. Over the years  I have have made mobile recordings for just about everything from brass bands and choirs, large philharmonic orchestras, chamber orchestras, solo pianists, flautists and even bagpipers and Buddhist singing bowls!. Classical. Jazz. Folk, Rock and everything in between.The principle is basically the same when you want to make a good mobile recording of any music. There are three important elements and all three have to be right to make a great recording.

First up is you.

You need to be able to sing/play your instrument, be well rehearsed and in tune

Next up is me.

You have to trust me on this but I know exactly what I am doing and how to do it to get the best result. Mobile recording has been my life’s work not a hobby. So I actually do know what I’m doing. I also have one of the finest collection of microphones and pre-amps amassed over 25 years of recording and I’m confident that I will have the knowledge not just of the technology but musically will be able to help you get the best performance you can on the day.

Lastly but crucial.

In mobile recording is the choice of venue is vital. In the past I have turned up to find a 35 piece brass band crammed into a scout hut and a 40 piece choir in an infants classroom. Generally you need a large bright room with a high pitched ceiling and plenty of space around you. Today with digital cameras in every pocket it’s easy to send me some shots of your proposed venue and I’ll tell you immediately if its going to work.

What People Say

I have recorded three Cds now with John and the Reelsound mobile and I wouldnt use anyone else. The sound he gets is really impressive and the attention to detail means that we can really cover everything at the recording session so that editing back in the studio gives us a perfect take every time. Our local branch of Richer Sounds uses our CD as a reference for its speakers which says a lot about the sheer quality of the sound